Grow a garden to nourish your mind, your body, your yard, and our planet.

Why grow natives?

Native perennials are plants that grow naturally in our area and have since before English settlement.

Plant native plants to restore ecosystems damaged by development. Agriculture and architecture have severely decreased habitat for native flora and fauna.

Plant native plants to support pollinator populations. Pollinators depend on nectar for their diet. The most effective and nutritious plants for pollinators are those that grow here naturally. Caterpillars also depend on natives as a host for their caterpillars. Birds often feed on the seeds and berries of natives to support their diets.

Plant native plants to support plant pollination. Food production depends largely on pollinators. Without pollination, many of the foods we are able to enjoy would stop producing.

Plant native plants for their beauty. Native plants, for obvious reasons, offer a wild and natural look. This wild look has been an increasing trend in recent years, as can be seen in recent landscape projects and various botanic gardens.

But wait, there's more!

You will also find a wide array of tried and true annuals and vegetables for cut flower gardens, food production gardens, or just to give you something pretty to look at.

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